Friday, 26 June 2009


This blog is dedicated to Romanian aristocratic families, especially of the 19th and 20th centuries. It doesn't pretend to be exhaustive, it's more like a collection of electronic notes designed to help me put my information in order. Comments and especially additional information are welcome in English, Romanian, French etc.

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  1. Excelente materialele/"notitele" genealogice! Felicitari!
    Cum ma ocup de istoria familiei mele, iti sugerez sa adaugi la Catargiesti in lunga lista a fratilor/surorilor lui Lascar Catargi si pe Elena, maritata cu Petre Rîshleakov (v.Gh.Bezviconi-Boierimea Moldovei dintre Prut si Nistru, vol.2). Elena Catargi [Rîshleakov] este stra-strabunica mea. Din pacate nu stiu mai multe despre ea.