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Vacarescu family (2)

***II. Radu Vacarescu married Venetiana Rosetti ( see fifth paragraph;aunt of Manole Giani-Ruset, Lord of Wallachia ) and had these children:
******- Maria married Radu Filipescu and was Alexandru Filipescu-Vulpe's mother;
******- Great Ban Barbu Vacarescu was co-Regent of Wallachia in 1821, after Lord Alexandru Sutzu's death; the co-Regents secretly encouraged Tudor Vladimirescu to begin his uprising and take Bucharest, but they were scared by the violent tone of the peasant uprising and fled to Kronstadt ( Brasov ) before Vladimirescu reached Bucharest. His house in Bucharest was on Victory Road, next to St Nicholas-the-Tanner ( Sf. Nicolae-Tabacu ) Church and I think it might be the one still standing in a modified form. He married (1) Stanca Slatineanu and (2) Zoe Guliano-Paleologu; their children:
*********- (1) Alecu Vacarescu, married to Ana Babeanu;
*********- (1) Irina, married to Alexandru Baron Bellu ( personal Austrian title ), mother of Barbu Baron Bellu, Stefan Baron Bellu and 'Georges de Bellio'. Her dowry included a house on 125 Victory Road, across the road from the one mentioned above; the house was donated by Alexandru Bellu ( Stefan's son ) to the neighbouring Romanian Academy and was demolished in the 1980s.
*********- (1) Stanca ( Tita ), married to Stefan Catargiu and mother of the famous Barbu Catargiu, the first head of the Romanian Government ( 1862 ) and the victim of the only political assassination of that century; Barbu Catargiu lived in his grandfather's house mentioned above;
*********- (2) Elisabeta ( Safta ) was briefly married to Matei, son of Great Ban Costache Ghica, grandson of Great Ban Dumitrache and of Rodion Cantacuzino ( see thrird paragraph ). After her divorce she lived in her father's house and was involved with Alexandru Dumitrescu, whose father was parish priest at St Nicholas-the-Tanner; from this affair with a common man two children were born ( Alecu and Iancu ) who used the name Paleologu ( their grandmother's ); one of them was father of French diplomat Maurice Paleologue;
*********- probably also Gheorghe ( Iordache ) Vacarescu, married to Ecaterina Manu ( first cousin once removed ), daughter of Grand Palatine and then Grand Chancellor Mihail Manu and of Smaranda Vacarescu; their daughter Irina married politician, sometime minister Nicolae Baleanu and was the mother of two prominent noble ladies, Maria Moret de Blaremberg and Ecaterina Cantacuzino-Nababul ( see second paragraph );
******- Grand Palatine Stefan Vacarescu 'the Blind' was married to Alexandrina ( Luxita ) Prejbeanu and had a daughter, Zoe, a great female character of her time, married to Russian Prince Alexey Kirilovich Bagration. Their daughter was Princess Alexandrina ( Alina ) Kirilovna Bagration ( see what might be a portrait of her ), who was briefly married with statesman Emanoil Baleanu ( Nicolae's older brother, see above ); she began an affair with General Pavel Dmitrievich Kiseliov ( or Kiseleff ), Russian military governor of Wallachia and Moldavia ( 1829-1834 ) and one of the founding fathers of modern Romania. Kiseleff managed to obtain her divorce and wanted to marry her but couldn't obtain his own divorce ( from the Czar ); therefore the four children born of this union were illegitimate and, although Kiseleff recognised them, they had to be formally adopted by a Prejbeanu uncle ( Luxita's first cousin ). They were Vladimir and Constantin Prejbeanu-Kiseleff, Alexandrina ( Sacha ), married to writer and pioneer archaeologist Alexandru Odobescu, and Elena, married to Stefan D. Grecianu, an important genealogist. Princess Zoe Bagration lived in old age in a house still extant on 129 Victory Road, not far from those of her uncle Barbu; the house was inherited by her daughter and then by the Odobescu family. On the other hand Zoe's descendant Paul Emil Miclescu claims in his book that her last years were spent in a house a few numbers up the street, at the corner with Gen. Gheorghe Manu Street; this house would have been across the road from the still extant house of Princess Cleopatra Trubetzkoy ( Matei Ghica's sister, see above ), the two ladies chatting regularly across Victory Road from their balconies. Princess Zoe is buried at Mavrogheni Church.
******- Sheriff Constantin Vacarescu married Ana, daughter of the founders of Kretzulescu Church ( Grand Chancellor Iordache Kretzulescu amd Princess Safta Brancoveanu, herself Constantin Brancoveanu's daughter ). They built the Magureanu Priory Church ( no longer a priory ) in Bucharest. Their children:
*********- Safta, married to Constantin Ipsilanti, Lord of Wallachia ( 1802-1806; 1807 under Russian occupation ) and Moldavia ( 1799-1801 ) and son of Alexandru Ipsilanti; he is famous for his strong Russian sympathies ( in fact his and Alexandru Moruzi's sacking by the Sultan in 1806 prompted the Russo-Turkish War 1806-1812 ).
*********- Ecaterina, married Palatine Dimitrie Bibescu and was the mother of two Lords of Walalchia: Barbu Stirbey ( 1849-1856; adopted ) and Gheorghe Bibescu ( 1842-1848 );
*********- Smaranda married Grand Chancellor Mihail Manu and was mother of Ecaterina ( see above ) and of co-Regent Ioan Manu;
*********- another daughter, married to a Negel;
*********- Theodor Vacarescu, nicknamed 'Furtuna' ( 'Storm' ).

***Great Ban Theodor Vacarescu-Furtuna ( 1775-1853 ) was an important political figure of his time; he served as Justice Minister and various stories were told about him in this capacity; according to one of them, he once hit a man over the mouth with the bag of coins that he had tried to bribe him with; he was also member of a short-lived 'Conservative' Regency when the revolutionary Provisional Government briefly had to flee Bucharest on 28-29 June 1848. He married Maria Ghica, daughter of Great Ban Costache, sister of Matei and Cleopatra ( see above ). Among their children were Ana Baroness Uxkull ( Russian family ) and Grand Chancellor Constantin Vacarescu, who married Elena daughter of several times minister Filip Linche; their son was:
******- Theodor Vacarescu ( 1842-1913 ), general ( he commanded in the 1877-1878 war ), member of Parliament, Marshal of the Palace ( 1873-1881 ), ambassador to Serbia ( 1871-1873 ), Belgium ( 1884-1885 ), Italy ( 1885 ) and Austria-Hungary ( 1888-1891 ). He married Maria ( daughter of Dimitrie Manescu-Filitti and Elena Arsaki ), whose dowry included the Manesti estate ( Prahova county ), where he had the very interesting manor built. His children were:
*********- Elena, married to Mihai G. Ghica, son of diplomat Gheorghe M. Ghica;
*********- Ana, married to Leon Cantacuzino-Deleanu ( see second paragraph );
*********- Maria, married to Paul Catargiu;
*********- Radu Vacarescu married Elena Cazoti, daughter of a nouveau riche, who had a very big dowry ( wasted by her husband in record time ); their daughter Ana-Maria inherited Manesti ( sold to King Mihai in the 1940s, then nationalised by the Communists ) and married Prince Ioan ( Jean ) Callimachi, son of Prince Theodor and younger brother of Prince Alexandru.

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